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natural indigo blue dye

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We are one of the forthcoming manufacturers of exclusive range of Blue Indigo Dye that is used to process plant's leaves. Glycoside indican is found naturally in the leaves of the plants, and in order to convert it into the blue dye indigotin.
The matured indigo plants are harvested and soaked in tank of dimension 14*14*2.5 feet for fermentation.

After 15 hours of soaking, the green pigment from the leaves comes out and mixed with water. This leaves-extract along with the water is led into another tank of similar dimension and allowed for oxidation by agitating the green water by kicking with the legs by workers manually.

This manual process continues for about 2 to 3 hours; result in the fermented leaf solution forms a precipitate with the water turns blue in color and thickens of indigo is noticed by the supervisor.

This thick colloidal indigo is allowed to boil at a high temperature in a copper vessel and. then it is filtered thereafter, pressed into cakes, dried, and finally powdered.